“Enlightening to Cultivate Talented Individuals with the Values and Spirit of Peace”


Despite the many differences that exist between individuals, we should all live in harmony in the global village; however, war and conflict currently threaten the lives and safety of all. In order to end war and inherit everlasting peace in the future, we must teach the values necessary for a new era of peace rather than the old ideology that has been stained by war.

HWPL Peace Education’s vision is to enlighten students and cultivate talented individuals with the values and spirit of peace, who can then play a pioneering role in spreading the culture of peace. This education provides a fundamental understanding of the basic principles that human beings must observe for peace to be created. Through the discovery and internalization of these peace values the inner selves of students and their ability to live together in harmony with others in their own community, and even the world, is properly nurtured.

In order to successfully cultivate children and young people as peacemakers, HWPL Peace Education first works to erase previously held ideas and values that are corrupt by directly showing how the world has become evil in the present era, and then plant the peaceful values needed for the new era of peace in their stead. It also introduces a new methodology in which the values of peace can be applied in all environments and real-life situations happening outside the classroom.

The HWPL Peace curriculum has been developed on the basis of the core values of peace, which include "Sanctity of Life", "Loyalty and Filial Piety", and "Coexistence and Sustainability", and demonstrates clearly how these peace values are applicable on a personal level, as well as within the broader community. HWPL Peace Education is an innovative education that pioneers the establishment and propagation of a culture of peace by cultivating talented individuals with the mindset of peace.



"Sanctity of Life"

By internalizing the importance and value of the sanctity of life, as well as cultivating respect for both oneself and others, the foundation is laid for treating all humanity as worthy and equal. This plays a key role in overcoming conflicts and situations that result from differences in nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture and ideology.


"Loyalty and Filial Piety"

By understanding the principle of social order and considering all humanity as valuable and equal, based on a sincere respect for others, it is possible to construct new behaviors in life in accordance with the necessary values required to live in harmony with one another.


"Co-existence and Sustainability"

Learning the norms and laws necessary for sustaining peaceful coexistence within the community and society allows for the development of a complete peaceful mindset in citizens as well as the ability to understand the way of harmonious coexistence and responding peacefully in various situations.