7th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit Event Result Report

Advancing the DPCW’s Peace Agenda in the New Normal: Concerted Action for Sustainable Peace

This report compiles the program and outcome of the 7th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit, which was held online on 18 September 2021.

This event, held under the theme of “Advancing the DPCW’s Peace Agenda in the New Normal: Concerted Action for Sustainable Peace,” was attended by about 2,500 people in 157 countries. Despite the pandemic, those working with HWPL did not dawdle or hesitate, but they met with citizens all around the world in a new way, discussing how to promote peace and cooperating with each other. By doing so, they tried to make an opportunity to deal with the current crisis.

Since HWPL’s 8th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace in May, where the new cases of “Legislate Peace” activities were introduced, citizen-led peacebuilding initiatives and various activities tailored to different communities and regions have been conducted for global coexistence and harmony. Communication and interaction through online platforms bought about positive changes, leading to more advanced outcomes of peace initiatives.

▲ 2021 HWPL Peace Activities in Numbers

Some of the activities highlighted here include online study sessions with the DPCW Handbook, online seminars for discussing solutions to human rights issues that emerged during the pandemic, education on the culture of peace, and religious peace camp. These activities were joined by citizens who hoped to learn about the value of peace and ways to resolve conflicts.

This report introduces about the media forum, where journalists set forth the 10 principles that media workers need to follow in the new normal era, based on their expertise and insight. Also, interviews with various participants show the process of peace education. While educators were trained and students were taught, they went through positive changes together. As a result of peace education, a peace garden is being built in Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

The various activities of the IWPG and the IPYG, the two wings of HWPL, are explained in the progress report and commemorative addresses. The details and outcomes of seminars, forums, and educational programs of 2021 can be seen in the Special Features and Appendices of this report. Preparation for the post-COVID era is an important task not only for the world but also for us who hope for peace. Please see the results of HWPL peace initiatives and use the report to devise plans and strategies to realize peace in more diverse fields for 2022.

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* This event was prepared and filmed in full compliance with quarantine and social distancing protocols.