I am Man Hee Lee, the Chairman of Heavenly Culture,
World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL).

A new year has dawned, the year 2022.
May all your hopes come true, and I wish you and your family much love and health.

Beloved Family of Peace,
As the hopeful year of 2022 has come,
let us devote this year to the truly meaningful work of establishing a world of peace.
Let us help the seeds of peace sprout and blossom in all corners of the globe.
Let us be the peace on earth and shine light onto the world.
Let us become messengers of peace in one heart and mind.
Let us step up our efforts to pass down a world free of war to future generations.
Together with all humanity and the world, we are one.

We are one!

1 January 2022
Man Hee Lee
Chairman of HWPL